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3 tips to take control of your Rx price

If you or someone you know depends on the EpiPen® (epinephrine injection, USP) to treat allergic reactions, you’ve probably seen the news stories about steep price increases for this life-saving drug. But the EpiPen® is not alone. Other prescription drug prices are also on the rise, for a variety of reasons.

Take control of drug costs with these tips:

1. Shop smarter.

Did you know pharmacies can set different prices for the same drug, based on their cost of doing business? We’ll show you the pharmacies that give you the best prices based on your plan. If you have children or dependents, you can shop for their prescriptions, too.

2. Explore alternatives.

If you’re purchasing the brand version of your drug, be sure to investigate the price of the generic alternative. You can ask your doctor about medications that have similar effects. Also, consider ordering your prescriptions by mail.

3. Discover hidden discounts.

You may be eligible for discounts that will reduce your drug costs. Ask your doctor about discounts and assistance programs based on your income level. Searching in our app will show you the best prescription prices and deals that your employer has been able to provide through your benefits programs.


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