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The payoffs of regular checkups for teens

As a parent, you know all too well that life with kids doesn’t always follow a predictable schedule.

That’s especially true for illnesses and injuries, which have a way of appearing in the middle of the night or over the weekend.

Even though your teenager may argue he or she is too old (or too cool) for the pediatrician’s office, maintaining a regular relationship with your child’s doctor means you’ll have a better chance of knowing what to do and who to call when he or she gets sick or injured.

Even for an older child, your pediatrician can help you:

  • Anticipate and identify the symptoms of common illnesses you’re likely to encounter at this age

  • Tell you about the 24-hour on-call services the practice provides

  • Help you understand when to use urgent care instead of the emergency room

  • Screen for health issues before they become serious

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