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Hip or knee pain? Three things to know

Hip or knee replacement surgery is rarely the first option for pain relief, but, for many, it is a safe and effective treatment for chronic pain.

If you think surgery could be a possibility in your future, here are a few things that are helpful to consider early on.

  1. Doctor and hospital experience. Doctors and hospitals who perform many surgeries each year are more likely to have better results. We recommend you find a hospital that performs more than 200 hip or knee replacement surgeries each year.

  2. Strength training. Although you may think that there is little reason to strengthen a hip or knee that may get replaced, working out benefits the area surrounding your joints and will improve your recovery time. Speak to your doctor about exercises that may benefit your hip or knee.

  3. Lifestyle and overall health. Even if you’re undecided about surgery, it’s a good idea to address any potential risk factors, like smoking or diabetes, that can affect the healing process. Attend a smoking cessation program, if needed, or speak with your doctor about managing your blood sugar levels.

We can help you see how different hospitals rank on hip or knee replacement surgery quality.

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