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Healthy kids need to see the doctor, too

Sniffles and sneezes. Earaches and tummy aches. Parents of toddlers know that sometimes life can feel like one illness after another.

But pediatricians will tell you that you shouldn’t just make appointments when your child is sick. Between ages one and five, doctors recommend a series of regular well-child checkups.

Between these ages, your child will hit a number of important milestones. Having a trusted relationship with your child’s pediatrician can help you navigate things like immunizations, nutrition, communication, toilet training, and sleep habits.

During a well-child visit, your pediatrician will also perform some simple screening tests to see if your child is hitting typical developmental milestones. If there are any concerns, the pediatrician will be able to direct you to resources that can help.

The other good news is that preventive care, like well-child visits, are covered at 100%.

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