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A brief guide to using your pharmacy benefits manager

In 2016, prescription drug spending in the United States accounted for “$425 billion, one out of every 10 health care dollars spent…” And that number is rising.

So it’s no wonder that more and more people are purchasing their medications through online pharmacies or their Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM). Some of the most common PBMs include Express Scripts and CVS Caremark.

Depending on your health plan and medications, your benefits may include:

Mail-order delivery

Instead of spending time at the pharmacy, get your medications delivered to your home. It’s more private! Depending on your medication, you could be eligible to order in three-month (90-day supply) batches.

If an in-store pickup is more convenient, you can also schedule a pickup at a pharmacy near you.

Prescription information and pricing

Connect with sources of information faster and easier than at a regular pharmacy. See key details about your coverage, remaining refills, and prescription history. Also, you can view estimated costs and more affordable options.

Plus, many prescriptions offer generic alternatives that are often cheaper than brand name medications. Always talk to your doctor before switching to a generic medication.

Increased safety

According to a recent survey by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “nearly one in four adult U.S. Internet consumers surveyed reported purchasing prescription drugs online. At the same time, nearly 30 percent said they lacked confidence about how to safely purchase medicine online.”

One of the surest ways to purchase safely is to use your pharmacy benefits manager. PBMs have pharmacists reviewing prescription history or dosing. They’ll also make sure your medication is affordable. Some PBMs even allow you to email a pharmacist if you have a question about your medication.

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