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Get the women’s health expertise you deserve

At any stage of life – not just pregnancy – it’s important to have an OB/GYN you trust.

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Women’s healthcare means more than a yearly checkup.

It includes critical screenings and exams and expertise for sometimes sensitive issues. An OB/GYN is specially trained in women’s reproductive health. They can be a valuable addition to your healthcare team, even before you’re pregnant.

OB/GYNs provide:

  • Preconception health counseling for women considering pregnancy. (40% of women who have a preconception visit find out about a health issue that may affect their fertility or the health of future pregnancy.)

  • Information and advice about birth control options

  • Specialized expertise in women’s health conditions that a primary care physician may not be trained to treat, such as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, and chronic urinary tract infections

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