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about castlight

Castlight is your personalized healthcare assistant. It’s provided for free by your employer and is completely confidential. Castlight is designed for you to get more out of your health plan and benefits so you can experience your healthcare in a whole new way:

  • Get peace of mind. Clearly see what’s covered by your plan, how much services will cost, and where you’ve spent your healthcare dollars.
  • Find doctors you’ll love. Search ratings and reviews from real patients, and find high-quality doctors or specialists in your network and near you.
  • Feel great about your benefits. Discover your health and well-being resources and see all of your perks in one place.

Unlike other online services, Castlight is 100% personalized for you, based on your unique health plan and benefits. With Castlight, you’ll see a clear picture of your health information so you can feel great about your health decisions. We'll help you get more out of your health plan and benefits so you can experience healthcare in a whole new way.

accessing castlight

Castlight is offered by your employer at no cost to employees enrolled in an eligible plan. Simply register or log in at

You may also access Castlight via your iPhone or Android phone, by downloading the free Castlight mobile app through your app store, or by visiting

When you register, you can provide email addresses for your spouse and/or adult dependents; they will then be emailed registration instructions. Alternatively, they can register at

Castlight’s mobile app works on most devices. An application is available for iOS and Android devices. Download the app for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play. For other devices, you can access Castlight through your phone’s web browser. Start using the mobile app today by visiting

Castlight will alert you whenever we update your claims history, and we'll occasionally send you personalized health recommendations and product updates. We also use email to communicate with you when you make changes to your account (e.g., to confirm a password change). If you feel like you’re hearing from us too often, you can easily change your Castlight email preferences on your account page.

Castlight is compatible with all major browsers, including Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, Internet Explorer11 and Edge. We recommend always using the latest version of your browser. Please note that Internet Explorer, versions 10 or earlier, may experience issues loading Castlight.

privacy and security

Your employer has partnered with Castlight Health to keep your healthcare information private and secure. Your personal activities in Castlight are not shared with your employer. Castlight has partnered with VeriSign to ensure adherence to some of the industry’s strictest security standards. We also keep your data safe in accordance with federal HIPAA guidelines. For more information, please read the Castlight privacy policy.

Castlight conforms to all state and federal healthcare laws and statutes, including HIPAA. Castlight will only show you the medical care records for you and your minor children. You will only see limited billing information (as required by law) for your spouse/domestic partner and adult dependents. However, your spouse/domestic partner and adult dependents can change their profile settings to permit you to see their full medical care records in Castlight.

Spouses/domestic partners will only see their own information and the information of minor children. You can grant your spouse/domestic partner access to your past medical care records by changing your profile settings.

Adult dependents can only see their own past medical care records.

customer support

We're on call to help. Get 1-1 support from a Castlight Guide at 1-888-722-0483, weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. ET. The fastest way to get help with Castlight is to call toll-free at 1-888-722-0483 and speak with a Castlight Guide who can answer your question or direct your call.

Castlight Guides are dedicated experts who provide full access to the Castlight service over the telephone. Get 1-1 support from a Castlight Guide on everything from explaining your health plan to identifying where you’ve overpaid. They’ll also connect you to benefit programs you may not even know you had.